CAT 2019 Quantitative Aptitude: Quant, Quantitative Ability

Three dimensional perspective to prepare Quantitative Ability for CAT goes from nourishing your basics and formulae in Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Modern Math and allied topics, practicing on diversity of questions and finally solving previous CAT papers and Mocks for individual topic. The additional you do it, the more expertise in Quant section for CAT, you will get.

Quantitative Ability (QA) in CAT exam is the last but most important section which can enhance or decrease your CAT score substantially. CAT Quantitative Aptitude questions absorbs 34% share in overall CAT exam . Out of 3 sections in CAT exam with 100 questions, the QA questions in CAT are separated into MCQs with negative marking and Non-MCQs without negative marking.

But before exploring on how to make yourself ready for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT 2019, it is very important to know about the composition and type of Quantitative Aptitude Questions for CAT 2019 exam:

Quantitative Aptitude for CAT: Structure and Question Pattern

Quantitative Aptitude questions for CAT 2019 are likely to have crucial role of Arithmetic topics as measured to other topics. In 2015, IIM Ahmedabad revamped CAT exam pattern and separated the Data Interpretation sub-section from Quantitative Ability Section. Quant 2019 will be a discrete section now with only Quant questions in it.

The share of Quantitative Ability for CAT questions is 100% now without any DI question merge to it. Quantitative Aptitude questions in Quant 2019 will carry a weightage of 34% to total CAT score and 100% for Quant section.

The CAT exam now has also changed the order of sections. The CAT Quantitative Aptitude is now the final section instead of opening section and is placed after DILR. The composition of Quantitative Ability for CAT 2019 is likely to persist on the following pattern:

Quant 2019 Section Composition of Quantitative Aptitude Questions for CAT
Section Name Quantitative Ability
Total Questions in Quant 2019 34
Type of Quant Questions 24-27 MCQs with negative marking
7-10 Non-MCQs without Negative marking
Quant 2019 section time 60 Minutes
Marks for Each Correct Answer +3
Negative Marks for Each Wrong Answer -1
Difficulty Level of Quantitative Ability Questions Moderate to High
CAT Quant Syllabus 2019 Not defined by IIMs

Quantitative Aptitude for CAT Questions: Number & Type

By knowing the structure and content of Quantitative Aptitude section in CAT 2019 exam. With the exaggerated number of Quantitative Aptitude questions for CAT, you should first know the Quant 2019 question pattern, type of Quantitative Aptitude questions, in the changed CAT exam pattern to take the right path before moving on your CAT preparation journey:

Quantitative Aptitude Questions for CAT Number of questions Type of Questions
Arithmetic: Speed-Distance; Time-Work-Days;Ratio, Percentage,P&L, Interest etc. 9-10 MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 1-2 Non MCQ
Number System, PnC 2-4 MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking
Algebra 3-4 MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 1 Non-MCQ
Geometry 3-4 MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 1 Non MCQ
Modern Math 3-4 MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 1 Non-MCQ
Probability, Series & Sequence; Integars; Mensuration and others 8-14 MCQs with 1/3 Negative Marking; 3-4 Non MCQs

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