CAT 2019 Logical Reasoning: LR Questions and Answers, Tips

The preparation of Logical Reasoning for CAT, depends upon your understanding of topics and type of questions that appear in CAT LR section. If you can develop good logic in your prospective to understand and solve a Reasoning issues, you can learn faster than those who find it tough to logically handle a problem. LR preparation for CAT consequently, depends upon how much efforts and practice on diversity of LR questions you have done.

Good attempt of Logical Reasoning questions in CAT could be your score booster upto 48 core marks leading to an enhancement of total percentile by 20-25 in CAT 2019.

Logical Reasoning for CAT comprises 50% portion in the newly drafted Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Comprehension (DILR) Section in CAT with 32 questions. As such, the objective of scoring good marks in CAT 2019 could be achieved with few however dedicated efforts and time devoted to the DILR section.

Composition of LRDI: Splits 2nd Section in CAT exam

CAT exam is now fully changed. There are 32 questions in newly crafted Logical Reasoning Data Interpretation (LRDI) section with a portion of 16 Logical Reasoning questions for CAT, out of overall 100 questions. Advancement of new section in CAT comprising only DILR questions, there are three sections in CAT.

But, the LR 2019 questions are to stay on the similar pattern as were asked in CAT 2018 exam. CAT consultants while advising the CAT 2019 Logical Reasoning tips, are of the opinion that LR 2019 in CAT is as vital as the other 2 sections as sectional cut offs announced by IIMs for DILR section are similar as applicable for Quant and VARC sections.

The composition of CAT Logical Reasoning questions in the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) Section for the CAT 2019 is likely to stay on the same structure as of last year as shared below:

CAT 2019 DILR Section LR 2019 Composition
Section Name Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)
Total DILR Questions 32
Number of Logical Reasoning Problems for CAT   4
Type of LR Questions for CAT Questions are in sets of 4 questions based on 4 LR problems
Total questions in LR 2019 based on CAT Logical Reasoning problems 16
Bifurcation of LR Based Questions 12 MCQs
4 Non-MCQs
DILR Time to attempt the complete section 60 Minutes
Time to attempt Logical Reasoning questions for CAT No separate time for LR 2018. Choice to attempt, move between DI and LR questions within the overall time limit of 1 hour
Marks for Each Correct Answer +3
Negative Marks for Each Wrong Answer -1
Difficulty Level of LR Questions Moderate to High
Number of Logical Reasoning questions with No-Negative Marking 4 Non-MCQs

Logical Reasoning for CAT Questions: Number & Type

With the revised pattern of Logical Reasoning problems and increased number of Logical Reasoning questions for CAT in DILR section, you should first know the Logical Reasoning questions for CAT, type of expected LR 2019 questions in the changed CAT exam pattern to take the right path before moving on the path of your LR Preparation for CAT

Logical Reasoning for CAT Number of questions Type of Questions
Problem Set-1: Arrangements/Rankings/Team Formation 4 Seating arrangement, Ranks, different type of team formation. Lot of conditions placed to confuse you to put the logical sequence
Problem Set-2: Quantitative Reasoning/Puzzles 4 Based on Arithmetic, Geometrical data, various puzzles on words, letters, arrangements, seating etc.
Problem Set-3: Syllogisms/Logical Deduction 4 Questions based on statements, arguments,
Problem Set-4: Venn Diagrams/Binary Logic 4 Questions on set theory, network diagrams are included – difficult and need more practice
Total questions 16 12 MCQs; 4 Non-MCQs

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