CAT 2019 Data Interpretation: DI Q&A, Tips

Preparing for Data Interpretation in CAT 2019 is an crucial part of overall CAT preparation. It exhort 16% weightage in overall CAT exam and 50% weightage in DILR section. Scoring good in Data Interpretation will take you through the IIMs admission process.

Many candidates who scored 99 percentile in CAT could not get a call from any IIM only because of the reason that their score in DILR was below the IIMs cut off. The CAT Data Interpretation evidenced to be the foremost tough and time overwhelming section leading in a low score for them.

This is not the story solely of a few but of many CAT takers who scored high percentile. Candidates can hardly solve solely a few DILR questions in CAT test. Now, with creation of recent section in CAT comprising solely DILR questions, there are three sections in CAT. Since 2015 CAT exam has been totally revamped. There are 32 questions in newly created DILR section out of total 100 in CAT exam.

The Data Interpretation for CAT is now split from Quantitative Ability Section. With the restructuring of CAT exam pattern in 2015 by IIM Ahmedabad, Data Interpretation Questions now form a separate section with Logical Reasoning. With 16 questions in MCQ and Non MCQ format, CAT Data Interpretation constitute 50% portion of DILR Section which has overall 32 questions.

The Data Interpretation Questions for CAT seems within the second section of IIM CAT exam now. However, the DI 2019 questions are to stay on the similar pattern as were asked in last year CAT exam. CAT consultants while sharing the CAT 2019 Data Interpretation Tips, are of the opinion that DI 2019 in CAT is as vital as the other 2 sections as sectional cut offs declared by IIMs for DILR section are equivalent as applicable for Quant and VARC sections.

The composition of Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) Section for the CAT 2019 is also likely to remain on the similar pattern as of 2018 as below:

CAT 2019 DILR Section DI 2019 Composition
Section Name Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)
Total DILR Questions 32
Number of Data Interpretation Problems for CAT   4
Type of DI Questions for CAT Questions are in sets of 4 based on 4 DI problems
Total questions Based on Data Interpretation problems for CAT 16
Bifurcation of DI Based Questions 12 MCQs
 4 Non-MCQs
DILR Time to attempt the complete section 60 Minutes
Marks for Each Correct Answer +3
Negative Marks for Each Wrong Answer -1
Difficulty Level of DI Questions Moderate to High
Number of Data Interpretation questions with No-Negative Marking 4 Non-MCQs

Data Interpretation Questions for CAT: Number & Type

To prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT 2019 needs to be addressed by knowing the structure and content of Data Interpretation section in CAT exam. With the twisted pattern of Data Interpretation issues and exaggerated number of Data Interpretation questions for CAT in DILR section, you should first know the Data Interpretation questions for CAT, type of expected DI 2019 questions, in the changed CAT exam pattern to take the right path before moving on your CAT preparation journey:

Data Interpretation for CAT Number of questions Type of Questions
Problem Set-1: Tables & Charts 4 Comparison of Data of various years, ages etc.
Problem Set-2: Graph, Bar diagram 4 Data Analysis, comparison of various years, classes, groups etc.  
Problem Set-3: Tables, Pie chart 4 Decoding and finding out the data of missing period, taking clues, interpreting the missing links
Problem Set-4: Graphs, Charts 4 Making analysis of data and coming to conclusion, making future projections
Total questions 16 12 MCQs; 4 Non-MCQs

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