CAT 2018 Exam analysis

CAT 2018 Slot 1 Analysis

Here is the CAT 2018 Slot-1 exam Analysis. The CAT 2018 Slot 1 test has over at 12.00 Noon. CAT 2018 slot 1 was more tough than CAT 2017.

While there was no unexpected element in the test structure of CAT 2018 Exam Slot-1, it had various changes as measured to last year. But, the overall exam pattern was similar.

CAT 2018 Slot 2 Analysis

CAT 2018 Slot-2 test has over at 5.30 PM. Candidates have rumored a tough DILR and moderate to tough Quant. The CAT 2018 slot 2 test has remained on similar pattern as that of Slot-1 test except that DILR and Quant were rumored on slightly higher problem level.

Here is that the elaborate CAT 2018 Slot-2 test Analysis. While there was no surprise component within the take a look at structure of CAT 2018 test Slot-2, it had a couple of changes as compared to slot-1 test.

CAT 2018 Exam Analysis: Key changes in test pattern

1. DILR was on tough side, Quant was calculation vigorous.
2. RC Passages were found prolonged.
3. Non-MCQs have persist 27 as were in slot 1 in CAT 2018 as compared to 26 in CAT 2017 with different number of questions in each section as measured to last year.
4. VARC had 7 Non-MCQs, DILR 8 and Quant 12.
5. RC passages were 5 in Slot 2 of CAT 2018 with changed number of questions as measured to CAT 2017.
But final number of RC based questions were 24 as were in CAT 2017 exam, the 4 RC passages were succeeded by 5 questions and 1 RC passage was succeeded by 4 questions in place of 6 Questions and 3 questions format that succeeded the the CAT pattern till last year.
6. Additional Arithmetic and Algebra questions appeared in CAT 2018 slot-2.
7. No change in Scoring pattern: Scoring pattern in CAT 2018 has persist to +3 for right answer and -1 for wrong answer for MCQs and +3 for right answer and 0 negative marking for incorrect answer in Non-MCQs, most of non MCQS had answer options also and right answers had to be transcript in the given space.

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